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Our Professional Chinese Teachers Keep Students Motivated and Engaged  through Personalized Lesson Plan 
Asian woman teacher teaching remotely at home office with online technology laptop.Teachin
Asian woman teacher teaching remotely at home office with online technology laptop.Teachin
Asian woman teacher teaching remotely at home office with online technology laptop.Teachin
Our curriculum development team consists of Chinese teachers with advanced teaching theories and years of teaching experience. Under the framework of YCT and HSK ,our  team develop dialogues through unit themes which simulates real life situations. This helps  students to improve their listening, speaking and communication skills effectively. At the same time, we combined characters, words and sentences together to improve students'   literacy, reading and writing skills. The  repetition of sight words, key sentence structure strengthens students' understanding and application of Chinese. Our team uses TPR and TBL teaching methods to cultivate students' interest in learning and active thinking, so that students can quickly and effectively achieve better learning results.  
Young Asian college students group or coworkers using laptop computer together at cafe or
​The Chinese teachers of our curriculum development team work closely with K-12 teachers in the United States to integrate relevant content of various K-12 disciplines into Chinese teaching. This makes Chinese learning more relevant to the daily  life of North American students. 
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​Recruitment, Training and Evaluation of AForce Chinese  Teachers
Smiling young asian woman enjoying teaching online at home.Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic c
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Teacher Recruitment

AForce Chinese screens teachers according to strict criteria. The recruited teachers not only have years of teaching experience, but also have International Chinese Teacher Certificates and   Putonghua Second Class Certificate. 

We also require teachers to be passionate about education,  be good at interacting with children, and have excellent classroom management skills. 
Teacher Training

Teacher training at AForce Chinese includes initial training and ongoing training. The training is divided into two parts, one part is training conducted by Chinese teacher trainers focusing on teaching skills, child psychology, remote learning and technology. The second part is conducted by American K-12 teachers focusing on  American curriculum and teaching methods. 

​ The joint training of Chinese and American trainers enables teachers to truly understand the psychological development and cognitive characteristics of North American students, so that students can achieve better learning results 
Teacher Evaluation

AForce Chinese's teacher evaluation is not only based on data and a scoring system. We also regularly distribute questionnaires to students and parents for feedback and suggestions. The Teaching Department will discuss these feedbacks with teachers  to continuously improve the quality of teaching. 
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