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The Excellent Chinese Curriculum  Integrated with American K-12  Curriculum

The Best Choice for North American K-12 Students to Learn Chinese

Doing Homework
Remote Learning
The AForce Chinese course is based on the YCT (Youth Chinese Test) and HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) standard courses. According to the psychological development and cognitive characteristics of North American students, our Chinese course integrates  appropriate topics from American K-12 curriculum. Our multiple level courses are suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners. 
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The teaching objectives of AForce Chinese at each stage are gradual and spiral, so that students' abilities in listening, speaking, reading and writing are continuously improved. We help students grasp the critical period of Chinese learning and learn Chinese scientifically and systematically. We help students not only maintain their enthusiasm and interest in learning, but also continuously accumulate self-confidence in learning.
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Spiral Progression
​Step by Step

Interactive Learning with Multimedia

We integrate multimedia materials such as text, pictures, audio and video to our lesson plan to stimulate students'  interest so they enjoy learning. 

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Multiple Intelligence   Development 

We believe that learning occurred through many types of intelligences. Our teachers adjust the lesson plan according to  student's level of multiple intelligence. By doing that,  students have the opportunity to develop their strengths. which makes learning more effective. 

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Effective Progress Report
Our effective progress reports allow parents to understand the content and progress of the course, students' classroom performance, homework, outstanding abilities and areas for improvement.

AForce Chinese Teaching Methods and Learning Methods

TPR Teaching Method 

Total Physical Response (TPR) is a teaching method created by psychology professor James Asher. The whole body response approach advocates linking language and behavior. The Chinese teachers of AForce Chinese demonstrate the Pinyin, Chinese characters, sentence patterns and instruct the educational games through their body language. TPR teaching method  maintains learner's attention and make their learning more effective. 
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TBL  Teaching Method

Task-based Language Teaching method emphasizes using the language learned to complete real-life tasks. Its core concept is "learning by doing, learning in doing,
  learning for using . AForce Chinese's teachers guide students to  learn Chinese and master Chinese in the process of doing things and completing tasks in the classroom, so that Chinese learning becomes a process of students' active thinking and self-learning. 


Situational Learning

Our Chinese teachers  create real and practical life scenarios in the class.  Students will practice what they have learned in the real scenario. This will help the learners to fully understand the vocabulary, sentence structure. grammar and put them into a real life practice. 
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Cooperative Learning

Students will practice Chinese language and learn from each other by participating in pair work and group work.
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