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​The Best Chinese Courses for K-12 Students in North America


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Interactive Class with Multimedia

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​Tailor-made Courses for Students

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The Perfect Integration of Chinese Curriculum  and American K-12 Curriculum
The Education Department of AForce Chinese has experts specialized in Chinese language   from China  and experts with years of experience in K-12 education in the United States. According to the international Chinese training system, we divide the courses into multiple levels based on the YCT (Youth Chinese Test) and HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) standards. Our team also combine the Chinese courses with various subjects of the K-12 curriculum  in the United States, so that Chinese learning is closely related to the daily life and school life of North American students. At the same time, we also teach Chinese rhymes, ancient poems, and Chinese culture based on the students' Chinese proficiency.

The goal of AForce Chinese is to stimulate students' interest in learning Chinese and enjoy the process of learning Chinese. 

​Our Advantage


​Small Class Size

Small class size, customized courses according to the needs of students


The integration of Chinese and American Education 

​The perfect integration of Chinese teaching and the American education system. 


Professional Teachers

Our teachers have many years of teaching experience and professional certificates. 


Interactive Class with Multimedia

We integrate text, pictures, audio, video and other multimedia materials to achieve teacher-student interaction and student-student interaction. 



​While learning Chinese, students will also experience Chinese customs and culture, and learn about ancient China through modern China. 

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